Becky Huggett

My practice uses montage, collage, three-dimensional installation, video, text and printmaking.

I research, navigate and collect vernacular subject material from archives such as personal slide collections and digital broadcasting channels. I piece together found material intuitively to find affective proximities to offer alternative, subjective responses that try to make sense of our place within the socio-political climate of our neo-liberal capitalist society; a system that offers the idea of fulfilment through acquisition and attainment.

I use found vernacular material from present and recent history to reflect the stasis and change of our values and beliefs. The work attempts to comment on how we engage with the world, the systems and expectations that are imposed on us and our complicity with them. This complicity results in repeated tropes and a surface homogenisation of what we record and share in our lives.

I use montage and collage to fracture, combine, sequence and obscure narrative to reflect the difficulty in making sense of our place in the world and comment on how we engage and consume media through digital mobile technologies.

The work reflects my own dissatisfaction, confusion yet complicity with these systems and my search for something meaningful. I want to tell you to open your eyes but I don’t know what you should look for.


Feature image

Becky Huggett, If you try hard enough… (2023). Projection onto wooden structure with paper embossing and screenprint. 270 X 250 X 80cm.